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How to reset the password in GP 2010 if the user is not logged off properly. When the administrator reset the password, message appears like “password has not been changed. The User is logged in”. Do I have to reset password through Backend ‘ SQL Server’ and how it should be done. Please Explain…..

I would recommend getting all users out of GP and running the following in SQL Server Management Studio: Delete DYNAMICS..SY00800 Delete DYNAMICS..SY00801 Delete DYNAMICS..ACTIVITY Delete TEMPDB..DEX_LOCK Delete TEMPDB..DEX_SESSION

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If Your Account format having any proble like spacing in between ‘-‘ digits there is solution

just we need to reconsile the Account setup format,here is the path just follow. MS Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Utilities–>System–>Reconcile Select “Account Format Setup,” then click “Insert” and “Reconcile.” Check your Account Format to ensure it is correct.

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User Acess Window in GP2010 for Granting permision of user to new company.

Error message: when you try to grant a user access to a test company in Microsoft Dynamics GP: “The user could not be added to one or more databases” Solution:First check if any unused Companies are in Access Window and … Continue reading

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