VBA Modifier Forms in Dynamics GP ,Would not show the Data.

If Customized VBA Forms wont reflect the data ,Please follow the Steps.

1)Take the backup of packages from

Microsoft Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Customize–>Customization Maintenance.

Export all packages like Select all and Click on Export,save the package.

2)Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Application folder.

Select the FORMS.DIC , REPORTS.DIC from Data Folder and Select the Dynamics.vba file take a backup of there files ,and delete the files from folder.

And then login in to GP as Administrator and go to the same as mentioned above path:

Microsoft Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Customize–>Customization Maintenance.

Select all packages and click on Import Button,it will asks us to select  file to import, select the file from which you have  taken a back up of all packages file or Is any do u have an backup of packages from any Server .

Import the data and refresh the GP and check the forms which is modified through VBA.

Hope this will help you..!


About nijamkhan

I am simple Hardworking,and i would like improve the Knowledge time by time
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