CompanyR.dic and CompanyF.dic needs to be Upgraded to the Company.

Hello Everyone,

Today I got an issue like When i logined in to GP ,i got a error please see the below Image:


I found the Solution for this,please follow the below steps:

1)Before changing the Dynamic.set file take a backup ,and edit the Dynamics.set file.

2)In first row of the text file decrease the count of the number for example if number 23 decease the number 22.

3)Remove the Company name and number like

Company name:XXX


and delete the Company.dic and CompanyR.dic and CompanyF,dic.

Save the Dynamics.set and go to the Data folder in the Dynamics GP Application Folder.

Remove the CompanyR.dic and CompanyF,dic.

In Dynamic Application folder delete the Company.dic file also.

now put the latest Chunk file in Dynamic Application folder.

Now login into Dynamics GP that error will be Resolve.

Hope this will help you..!


Nizamudeen syed

About nijamkhan

I am simple Hardworking,and i would like improve the Knowledge time by time
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