How to create New User with out login as user SA and create through Power user

Hi Guys ,

Today i completed one small and interesting task hope this will help you all.

Please check the user which is created without  login user as “sa”, we need to follow the steps to create new user.
1 ) For example i took the login details as  Nizam and logined in to GP. As Nizam is already a power user  in Dynamics GP.
2) Before creating New user without “sa” login , we need to follow one more step like go to the  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
Now, proceed to assign the user login to the sysadmin role in SQL Server. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, open the Security folder, open the Logins subfolder.

3) Click the Properties  and select the  Server Roles page.And please check the “sysadmin“, click ok
4) Now please login in to  GP as anish user and Create New user and give Access,security and Roles to the New user.
Please let me know any queries .



About nijamkhan

I am simple Hardworking,and i would like improve the Knowledge time by time
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